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The reasons why we are looking for models because of the unique concept that we are about to reveal in public through the launching of our platform. You will be endorsing the Brand through multimedia. We will do photo shoot on location and video production for our web video commercials which will be later published on Social Media through paid advertising. Most of your photos will be published at and you will be known as Babes. You will appear to our Car Platform and to our Mobile App with many Car Dealers, Cars Sellers, Car Buyers, Car Online Stores, Spare Parts Store, Auto Mechanic Store and a lot more to mention.

On location photo shoot with the Babes will be completed in one day and 2-3 days for video productions. We will also have a Babe of the Month at site, which will be selected by casting of votes on our Facebook fan page. You will also represent in Car Shows and any related events. This will be the beginning of our long term partnership towards our goal to be the best car platform in Philippines. You will be featured on our frontage of our website, newsletter, mobile app notification, web notifications, on our blog, Facebook video ads, YouTube commercials, google ads, car stickers, giveaways and many more…

Why Join as one of the Models at

Why I join as a Model here at

Because here at, you will be our exclusive models for car show or any related car events. Aside from that, you will appear in our various promotions like web and app notifications, newsletter, mobile application, car stickers and other print media, short web video commercials and video advertising in social media. By joining here at, you will be featured to tens of thousands of members such us car dealers, car sellers, online stores, vendors, customers etc. Because this is “The Car Platform you will Live and Love!”.

Why I will be known as part of Babes?

We are looking for models which will be formed as a group of gorgeous sexy girls that composed 5-6 members.  You will be known as Babes.

What is the main purpose of this modeling project?

Basically, we need to make our platform unique to others aside from being user friendly. We think that having these sexy models at the front page of our website will help our brand standout and more attractive. Because we are the first car ad listing platform in the Philippines to promote this kind of culture.

What would be the first thing to do as model?

The first thing to do as Babes member, is pictorial at our studio for our web, print advertising and giveaways in just one day.

What are the benefits of being one of the Babes?

You have a chance to be one of our exclusive Car Models for one year. You will appear as Endorser to our various advertising materials and promotions. You might be recognized and become a certified model after our long period promotions.

How long will run the print ads and web video commercials?

It will run for about 6 to 8 months it depends on the actual percentage of advertising targeted audience. But in our website your photos and videos will remain there as long as we have new promotion concepts that requires photo shoot and video production.

What is your rate or talent fee arrangement?

Talent fee is confidential. Your talent fee will be paid right after the shooting day.

What would be my part in doing your web video commercials?

We will be having a video script which will be our guide in our video commercial production, it also includes what attire you will wear. And as commonly seen in a Car Show, you will wear sexy outfits.

Is there additional or separate talent fee for video production?

Yes, video production is a different project and we are bound to compensate you properly with the talent fee specified in the contract.

For out of town events, who will shoulder the transportation and accommodation? will shoulder all the transportation and hotel accommodation expenses. Targeted areas of event are Baguio, Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod and Davao.

Can still get modeling projects from other companies?

Yes, but of course you are required to make is your top priority when the time of event is set to come.

Do you have any offices in the provinces?

We will soon to operate in Cebu and Davao, and that is only possible after the area known to be Covid free.